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Before emotion there is not only thought!
Before emotion there is awareness.
Awareness is followed by perception (refined through awareness).
Perception is followed by thought.
Thought creates emotion.
Without awareness and perception emotion is likely to be an automated reaction or a old repetitive program trying to respond to a new situation.
In my opinion it is not the thought or our emotions we have to focus on but our awareness and perception that has to get our full attention.
Awareness and perception is in direct connection with our physical body.
Working on awareness and perception with our physical body can bring us to an appropriate response regarding thought and emotion in relation to the changing of every moment.

The difference between using ‘streets’ (emotions) and ‘finding pathways’ / walking ‘cross-country’ (feeling):
It can be looked at like that: if i follow my way through life only by ‘bus’ or ‘car’ (root until solar-plexus [chakra]) through ‘streets’ and ‘pre-constructed’ ways (preset paths or emotions [based on memories?]) i do not adapt to the change easily that life is asking from us by going through it. Somehow emotions are already like little boxes of reaction to perceptions. Instead to find constantly new paths (perception) via the abilities of the human body to ‘walk’ (feel [heart chakra]) our way through the unlimited possibilities of the field of life we change directly together with it and don’t ‘loose time’ by ‘sitting’ in our ‘cars’ (lower chakra energy) looking for preset ‘streets’ (emotions) to direct us. In other words: It’s all about perceiving, NOT emotions! It does not mean not to ‘use’ emotions (streets) to go and find your way through life but not to relate only to them (always sitting in your car to transport you or, even more extreme, only using public transport[!]), otherwise you limit your unlimited spirit that you are (to the lower chakra energy).

Mass (you are driven[!] over tracks, etc)=Public transport
Ego (you drive [by program, you have to learn (rationally)] over constructed[!] roads)=Car
Self (you are Self-directed, perceiving[!] the way as you go)=Walk

Public transport: you are driven
Car: you drive (by willpower)
Walk: you can choose to perceive, you go, you can direct yourself by your willpower and you can decide to let yourself be driven…by yourself!

If each cell of our 3D body has at its center or core a singularity (a ‘black hole’), i could see myself, my body as one cell. With as its nucleus another singularity (a ‘black’ hole on a ‘greater’ scale). Why a singularity? – Because it is the only ‘way (tunnel) out’ of this 3rd dimension, if one wants to go ‘back’ towards ‘the source’. The point of that singularity could be our heart, which in that way would serve as a portal ‘back’ towards ‘source’. What or where would be that ‘source’? In the next center of the next ‘big’ ‘cell’: The crystal core (heart) of our planet. That would be the next ‘station’ on the ‘travel back to source’. Since that crystal core has as its core another singularity (black hole), one should look for the next, bigger ‘cell’ that this center could be connected with. That should be our central star of our solar system, the sun. As a further hypothesis one could guess that in the core of the sun there would be another singularity (‘black hole’), connecting that center to the next center on a ‘bigger’ scale. Ultimately passing through the center of our galaxy (where, interesting enough we have found already another singularity [black hole]). It seems logical to me that we can’t ‘see’ the connecting network of singularities (the ‘tunnels’ between dimensions) since they always would have to be ‘out’ of the perceivable 3rd dimension (coming from and passing through a singularity).

Then there is the other direction, reaching ‘out’ and funny enough being perceived by us as ‘smaller’ which should lead us to the next ‘higher'(?) dimension…

All these pathways can be traveled only by consciousness in both directions, enlargening our horizon towards the ‘big’ and the ‘small’.
Direction ‘bigger’, meaning ‘back’ to ‘source’ comes from the singularities of the nucleus of the ‘atoms’ of our own body, goes through the nucleus of the core of our body (the heart), connecting with the core of our planet, the sun, the galaxy, …and so forth.

The next dimensional shift following the logic of this hypothesis would be the travel ‘forward’ to, through and ‘out’ of the next, ‘smaller’ singularity. Which should lead to a more ‘complex’ dimension including at least one more dimension regarding the 4 dimensions that we seem to be able to perceive already: 3 dimensions in space and 1 in time. Giulana Conforto mentioned instead that the dimensions would double, meaning, from 4D we would go to 8D(!).
In any case the unfolding of this dimensional shift should appear (following the logic of my image) as further ‘miniaturization’ of our perception. Also it needs a ‘greater’ way of thinking (or something like that), since it is impossible to transition with the mind of this 3rd dimension towards a ‘next’ or ‘other’ dimension.

If we,

as individual human beings,

really and totally decide to take responsibility

for all our actions,

for all that happens to us, with us, through us

(Including accidents, sicknesses, etc.).

It would become clear to us

that the idea of ‘suicide’ has no ground.

If i as an individual take responsibility,

i take it as well for my sicknesses and accidents.

If i die because of those,

they have become a form of ‘suicide’.

Instead we prefer to judge those

who have chosen an ‘active’ path to create a very radical change in their life,

for what ever reason.

Even spiritual people often follow

a moral idea related to the idea of ‘suicide’.

It only mirrors the ultimate fear,

most of us carry in us,

the fear of change!

There is no


there is only


I have a doubt about what ‘entropy’ is. Humans say that in this universe all moves from order into chaos(=entropy). I take the stand that instead all moves to a higher or more complex order, that the human mind cannot grasp, so his conclusion is that it is chaos. The ‘order’ in the human realm seems to be specifically sensitive to ‘entropy’ which to me makes sense since man imprints onto his environment in a more or less aggressive way the so called ‘order’ that he generates from his mind.

But even when we do not comprehend a higher order, how would perception of reality change if we’d accept the so called ‘entropy’ as a form of higher order. Since we have chosen to limit our perception regarding a wider reality, by just taking it as a fact that it is a higher order, what would it do to us?

Would we be more humble? Would we interfere less? Would we listen more? Would we let a natural order evolve instead of blocking new insights into an order that some might call devine?

Until now it seems that humanity chooses to move against the flow that would lead into realms only having been discovered yet by a few…

In nature there is no entropy, in fact, a tree for example is in perfect order and even extrem natural events dissolve naturally in this world and have lead to evolution and many forms of life. If we try to conserve our human existence as the ‘end of the ladder’ it will be the end but only our own!



The FEAR of LIFE has many disguises…

It likes to dress itself like “LOVE of LIFE”

It likes to “PROTECT LIFE” (while it protects WHO from being ALIVE?)


It is afraid of DEATH

(which is what YOU celebrate),

so much

that it does everything

to convince YOU



YOU will LIVE forever.


While in some way,


YOU have never been ALIVE…



(January 5th, 2013)

“Wenn sich

der Betrachter

im Verhältnis

zu etwas denkt

ändert sich



Marek und Roman (Berlin: 1991)


“When the beholder thinks himself in relation to something, the beholder changes.”


I place my awareness into the ‘space’ around me while space for me equals consciousness and consciousness equals LOVE, thereby i place my awareness into LOVE and surrender to it.